HTTP Rule Conditions

The following list of HTTP attributes are available to build Rule conditions on :
URL, Content Type, Client IP (including ranges), Query Parameter, Cookie, Request Header, Request Country

  HTTP Rule Actions

The following list of actions can be applied to any request on our edge network :
Cache object, HTTP Redirect, Deny Request, Validate Token (requires TokenAuth), Remove Cookie, Remove Header

  Real Time Reporting

Knowing the state and health of your site is critical both to you and us. Thats why we offer realtime analytics into all of your hostnames for all of our customers. We currently report on data transferred and your current cache hitrate broken down by hostname.

  Token Authorization

Token authorization is the ability to secure access to content and validate the request on our edge network. This feature usually works by first having a user visit your origin site (typically a login page). Once you have validated the user you then set their Token based on 3 parameters, the URL, the Expiration and the Shared Secret. The URL is the exact URL that the user is requesting, the expiration is how long the token is valid for, and the shared secret is not exposed to anyone except us and you. The Token can then be stored either in the URL, the Header or a Cookie where we validate it before serving an object to the client.

  Instant config updates

Once a configuration is pushed to your hostname, it is active with 1-2 seconds. No more waiting hours for network propogation of a configuration of your hostname.

  Instant cache invalidation

Purge content from our edge network instantly. Your application needs to ensure content is removed from the cache as soon as you issue a purge request and thats what we offer. Whether you are a news site that needs to ensure your content is fresh as soon as content is published or a fantasy sports site that needs to makes sure that stats are updated as soon as they are available, we got you covered.