Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Once I create a hostname how do I start using it ?

    In order to serve your hostname through the ScaleSimple network you need to CNAME your hostname to Assuming your hostname is, you would need to CNAME that record to You also need to create a "healthcheck" file at the path "/scalesimple/index.html". This is the file ScaleSimple will check to ensure that your host is up and running.

  2. Is there a way to test the hostname before updating DNS ?

    Yes, you can use our special subdomain of Assuming your domain was, you could visit We rewrite the request so that even without DNS setup, you can test your configuration.

  3. I am trying to add rules to my ruleset but it wont let me.

    Rules can only be added to "Unassgined" rulesets. When a ruleset is active it can not be modified. To change rules to an active ruleset, you must first CLONE the ruleset by clicking on the "clone" button to the right of the ruleset on the main page of the Rulesets. You can then edit the copy and assign to the hosts in your account.

  4. Do you support HTTPS ?

    At this time, we only support HTTP. We have HTTPS support on our roadmap but it is currently not in production. If you require HTTPS support, we can notify you as soon as this feature is available.

  5. Can you cache POSTs ?

    Currently we will only cache GET requests. However, POST requests will work just fine, it just means that we wont cache the POST responses on our edge network. We are evaluating this feature and may consider using the POST body as part of the cache key in the future, but right now only GETs are supported.

  6. What happens if I have multiple IPs for my origin?

    When you configure your hostname, you can setup as many additional IPs as needed. Internally we will healthcheck and load balance across all of your origin IPs. If one IP goes down, we will seamlessly use only the healthy IP until the failed IP comes back online. Please note that we currently do not support DNS lookups, so if DNS changes for your ORIGIN domain, you should update your config to ensure we load the latest IP of your origin hostname.

  7. Is there a way I can block certain countries from accessing my content ?

    Yes, every customer gets to take advantage of our Geo blocking rules. Any rule can have a condition that checks for a country and takes an action. It is recommended to make this a "global" rule to ensure every request is checked if you want to restrict your content to certain countries. There are 2 approaches here, you can either Deny requests that equal certain countries or Deny requests that do not match certain countries. Sometimes denying the countries you want to block, is easier than including all the ones that you want to allow. Our ruleset configuration allows either of these mechanisms to work for you.

  8. How do I setup a CNAME for my new hostname ?

    Click here for information on specific DNS Providers. Remember, assuming your hostname is, your CNAME should be